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My girls attend the private home school that Educational Coaches offer. They have an AMAZING program that goes beyond what public education and typical private home school have to offer. They have highly qualified staff, small class size, technology resources, and an educational program that is TRULY individualized to the pace of the child is what makes Educational Coaches unique. Learning is for mastery and your child will move as quickly/slowly as needed. When lessons have been taught the children demonstrate understanding by creating a hands-on project, PowerPoint, movie, poster, diorama, etc to demonstrate what they have learned. My girls have developed a love of learning... Having weekly Spanish lessons and hands-on science projects make the experience extra special. We LOVE Educational Coaches!
Our family has been VERY impressed by the private home school program at Educational Coaches. The quality of instruction... went above and beyond our expectations. The personalized teaching environment took learning to a whole new level. We are looking forward to embarking on another GREAT year.
P. Davis

Sue, I've heard great things about your tutoring and home school classes! Glad to see you're doing well!!  Risa L.

5 stars  My husband and I decided to pull our son from the public school system.  We enrolled Matt with Educational Coaches as our private home school.  Matt comes home excited and talking a mile a minute about what they learned. My husband and I made the right choice placing Matt with Sue Perry.

5 stars  Amazing! Sue Perry helped me when I needed it way back when and now she is helping my son make strides. Her staff is so nice and truly care. Here's to more pass advanced SOLs. Thank you to all the teachers at Educational Coaches.